Our Story

The magic is not in the box, it comes from within the child. Initially created as a way for schools to trial large loose parts (junk) play, the Magic Play Box comprises of a large crate filled with a variety of upcycled materials. The seemingly dispensable objects support children to explore their imagination without rules.

Over a 6 month period of discovery, the Magic Play Box was developed through trial and feedback including:

  • Kids telling us what they like to play with
  • Teachers observing positive behaviours, cooperative and creative play
  • Schools keen for loose parts play but not having the time to source materials
  • Community-minded businesses willing to provide materials but via one channel

Each Magic Play Box is designed and compiled, delivering a variety of loose-parts play to cater to all age groups and abilities.

The non-prescriptive nature of loose parts play in combination with children’s inventiveness and creativity results in them using the items in endless different ways, enabling all ages, genders and abilities to find ways to play and socialise together.

Inside each Magic Play Box, we provide a huge range of hand-selected and tested upcycled materials such as tubes, tyres, lengths of material, netting, ropes, wheels, crates and bins made safe, which provides unlimited play possibilities.

These repurposed bits and pieces mean that approximately 1 cubic metre or 65kgs of material per box, is diverted from landfill. The businesses we source from see their spare and waste materials going to good use, at the same time reducing their waste cost.

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Our people


Greg Gurau

Magic Play Box Coordinator

Greg co-ordinates the operations of the Magic Play Box Social Enterprise.​​​​​​​His previous role involved promoting and supporting the development of rich play environments in primary schools. He has a bachelor’s degree in Coaching and Exercise Science, with an interest in long term athlete development. This was the start of his passion for play and the role play has in the development of children through to their adulthood.


Selina Brown


Selina provides essential admin support for the team and ensures that the office runs smoothly. Selina is the first person to take care of your Magic Play Box enquiries, orders, transportation quotes, invoicing and booking delivery. Selina is awesome.

See what our customers have to say about us

Kawana | year 6 student, Te Ao Marama School

“You can make anything out of anything. Me and my friends even made a pull up machine. It’s awesome”

Ad Ackerman | Assistant Principal, St Leonards Road School

“The Magic Play Box has been a huge success in the playground. It has improved the quality of the children’s play with significantly fewer disputes and supported imaginative, adventurous play across all age groups. It has enormously increased the children’s play opportunities.”

Amabel Fernandes | Teacher, New Windsor School

“Now I know why it is called the Magic Play Box. It is just awesome.”